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Island Information Categories

1. Lodging - Accomodations - Hotels, Resorts, Villas...
Where will you stay? The islands of the Caribbean provide excellent accommodations for visits of any length of time whether it's one week, several weeks or several months. Modern and historic hotels alike offer services and amenities at international standards. There is something for every visitor whose goal is business or pleasure: hotels, resorts, villas and plantations, even bed and breakfasts. Many hotels and resorts are equipped to host conventions or double as outfitters for the sports enthusiasts. Find the accommodations that will make your stay in the Caribbean perfect.

2. Adventure & Tours - Eco-Adventures, Boat Trips, Dinner Cruises...
Eager to get out there? There is no place like the Caribbean for seeing and doing. There are stunning landscape features such as waterfalls, lagoons, diving cliffs, coral reefs, caves, volcanoes, mountains and gardens. Some of the many ways the splendours of the Caribbean outdoors can be enjoyed are sunset cruises, sunfish sailing, rafting, hiking, snorkeling or horseback riding. There are also splendid sights to see in and about town, from museums, to historic mills and plantations, town buildings and churches. A wide variety of group and private tours will make your holiday unforgettable.

3. Arts & Culture - Artists, Art Galleries, Festivals...
What treasures will you find? The Caribbean is abundantly endowed with local and visiting artists and craftspeople. Art can be found which features both indigenous and modern techniques. Discover paintings, silk screen art, batik, ceramics, jewellery, and wood sculpture that often captures and preserves the unique beauty of the Caribbean. Make your stay more complete by locating art galleries and local artisans, or taking in an arts festival.

4. Beaches - Beaches of the Caribbean
Is life a beach? Then you haven't lived until you've experienced the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. They come in different shapes and colors to capture every fancy. There are white, pink or yellow sand beaches in different formations from wide stretches going as far as the eye can see, to scalopped shores offering shade and sun or a palm tree lined hideout tucked away from the crowds. And all are thresholds onto the warm wonderful waters of the Caribbean sea. Find your paradise beach in the islands.

5. Business - Directory of Businesses
Are you business minded? The Caribbean is evolving steadily, proffering opportunities in many businesses not strictly related to tourism. Financial services, telemarketing, construction, casinos and eco-tourism are just some of the areas that hold endless opportunity. Check out the Directory of Businesses and see where it takes you.

6. Casinos & Gambling - Casino Cruises, Casino Establishments...
Want to try your luck? The islands of the Caribbean offer exciting and glamorous gambling venues and activities from casinos, poker, to horseracing, car or boat racing, lotteries and more. Venues range from casual to formal. There are also cruise ship casinos with entertainment to enjoy.

7. Dining - Restaurants...
One of your greatest pleasures while travelling in the Caribbean will certainly be the food. While there are some common culinary themes among the islands, you will encounter local preferences for spices, ingredients and cooking techniques which will delight your senses. Perhaps jerk chicken, or creole crab, or a tropical fruit dessert will become one of all your all-time favorite dishes. The islands of the caribbean offer a great variety of food fare, including European and American cuisine, world class chefs, winelists and service. Where will you take your gastronomic odyssey?

8. Diving & Snorkeling - Scuba Diving Operators, Diving Schools, Snorkeling...
Explorers of the underwater universe inevitably migrate to the Caribbean. Lava rock habitats and exquisite coral reefs mean an incredible variety of sea life for the delight of divers and snorkellers alike. There are growing trends towards water life conservation among the islands, ensuring pristine diving conditions for the future. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy state of the art outfitting, technology, and services. Novices can enjoy the convenience of on site diving schools.

9. Events & Conferences - Festivals, Regattas, Tournaments...
Whether you've brought your family or your company, don't miss the fantastic festivals and seasonal celebrations of the Caribbean! Jazz festivals, traditional parades and ceremonies, arts celebrations, and sailing regattas thrill visitors from around the world. The people of the Caribbean know how to throw great parties, with great spectacles and great times! Know when they're happening and where.

10. Honeymoons & Weddings - Caterers, Hotels, Management Services...
The Caribbean islands provide truly paradisal settings for your once in a lifetime events. Many resorts offer special wedding and honeymoon packages. Weddings can be planned from start to finish by expert event management and catering personnel. The marriage ceremony can often be performed in different denominations in a church, chapel or on the beach. See how islands like Barbados, Antigua or San Martin can make one of the most special times in your life even more extraordinary.

11. Island Information - Island Info, Useful Info, Practical Info...
Accurate, up to date information from local island information sources can be obtained on a variety of practical matters, including: currency and exchange rates, bank services, local customs, water and land transportation schedules, car rental, weather, special events, medical services, babysitting, translation services, tours and much more. Get all the information you need to make your island stay flawless.

12. Marinas
The marinas of the Caribbean offers a spectacular vista on the oceanic side of the islands. Sterling commercial marine services mean experienced yachters and big sea fishermen and women can count on the best sports and recreation experiences. Technical Services and Facilities are available at most all of the islands. Set sail!

13. Maps
Get geographic maps which locate islands in the Caribbean, or specific island maps pointing out roads, trails, routes and services. Drive around town knowing where you'll find the next gas station. Get from a to z or take a meandering hike through a network of trails. Getting lost can be fun, when you have a map in your pocket! Get it here.

14. News and Media - Newspapers, Radio Stations, TV Stations...
Tune in to local and world news. Here are the names of newspapers, newsletters, websites and radio stations that will keep you up to date and in tune with the local culture of the island you are visiting. Oh yes, and enjoy the sounds of the local music world in your island retreat.

15. Night Life - Night Clubs, Dance Clubs, Discos, Party Clubs...
Don't neglect to include some exciting Caribbean nightlife in your vacation. The islands come alive under the moonlight in brightly lit dinner and dance cruises, in the clubs where the dance floors become electric with the energy of dance and music, and in the bars, casinos, and clubs where you and your significant other can enjoy socializing with the locals and fellow travellers. Get to know the nightlife of the island you will be visiting.

16. Real Estate - Agencies, Property for Sale, Timeshares
Whether you are seeking a home away from home, or are in the market for a business venture with high growth potential, the Caribbean has excellent real estate opportunities. You can contact real estate agencies, peruse descriptions of current properties for sale in a host of islands, or check out some timely timeshares opportunities.

17. Rentals - Car, Scooter, Villa Rentals...
Throughout the Caribbean, a wide variety of transportation, accommodation and recreational equipment needs can easily be met by renting. Book a getaway within a getaway by renting a villa for a night or two on a nearby island, take in all the scenery by renting a car, bicycle, boat or scooter. Travel light, then rent what you need to do all your favorite things on your vacation. Rent ahead, or just plan ahead, by clicking here.

18. Shopping - Cigars, Fashion, Jewelry...
The variety, quality and prices of goods in the islands of the Caribbean make it wise to plan some shopping on your vacation. It is hard to resist inexpensive mementos which capture the local culture whether it's baskets, batik, earthenware, or wood sculptures. Luxurious goods such as international designer fashions and accessories, fine jewellery, and cigars, however, are also abundantly available on many of the islands at hard to beat prices. Discover what each of the islands has in store...

19. Sports - Fishing, Hiking...
The Caribbean is one of the great playlands of the world for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Naturally, the islands are well-equipped and well-organized to accommodate independent and competitive sports activities. Thrill seekers can hike, horse back ride, skydive, scubadive, parasail, fish, deep see fish, snorkel, scubadive, jetski, raft, kayak, play tennis or golf to their heart's content. Those with a taste for competition can participate in boat races, golf and tennis tournaments, fishing contests, and even triathalons.

20. Recreation & Spas - Health Clubs...
Caribbean style relaxation cannot be beat. There are as many ways to relax as there are islands: whether it's gentle tours of gardens, butterfly museums or superb birdwatching grounds, long luxurious cruises by ship or raft, or the serious recreation of a day at the spa, each island can teach you the art of beauty and rest.

21. Travel and Tourism - Travel Info, Tourism Offices, Travel Trips...
Connect with the Caribbean travel experts. Here is a convenient way to research local island tourism offices, as well as international Caribbean tourism agencies, and get all the travel tips you need.

22. Vacation Packages - Caribbean Vacation Packages, Tour Operators...
Plan a perfect vacation by booking ahead to participate in the best the island has to offer. Whether you are a couple looking for a quiet holiday or a family out for thrilling vacation that each member of the family will enjoy equally, there are packages tailored to match your needs. Similarly, it is possible to arrange a pleasant business trip for small or large groups which combine conference hosting with some cultural and outdoor tours and social events. It's all possible in the Caribbean, as you will see by looking at these vacation packages offered by the various islands.

23. Watersports - Jetski, Kayaking...
Scubadiving, snorkelling, cliff diving, yachting, boat racing, sunfish sailing, surfing, jetskiing, parasailing, rafting, fishing, deep sea fishing, kayaking. Name your ultimate watersport holiday: the Caribbean will make your dream come to true in its stunning turquoise waters. It's easy to find a host of watersport outfitters, equipment renters, and logistics information including weather, transportation, and accomodation in the islands. Just take the plunge!

24. Yachting
Well established marinas and yachting organizations can readily be found among the islands of the Caribbean. Experienced and novice yachters alike will find the vessels, the personnel, and all the amenities required to drink deeply of the yachting life in the Caribbean.

25. Weather
Even though it's hard to go wrong in the Caribbean throughout most of the year, seasonal weather patterns are worth knowing about. Discover which islands offer more or less humidity and precipitation and when. Watch for hurricanes. Get up to date Marina Reports. And if you wish, get the short term forecast for your resort area.

26. Bars - Beach Bar, Cafes, Cigar Bar, Cocktail Bar, Piano Bar, Pubs, Sports Bar
Your vacation is a great time to raise the bar on the fun times. Stop for relaxing break at one of the many bars which all of the islands feature. Whether you like to swim up to your pina colada at the pool side counter, live it up at the sports bar, or take in a tequila sunrise at the beach, you'll find excellent opportunities to toast to the good life indoors and out. Expert staff at the resort cocktail bars will mix it up just right for your enjoyment.